Is there a possibility to see lamps in reality?

We are currently selling products only online. However, we are uploading high-quality product photos, which can help to pick the right product. You can always contact us by using our contact form or by emailing info@lampsdome.com if you have additional questions.

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Order delivery time depends on the manufacturer. You can see more precise delivery time in the product description field. Usually, it takes 3-7 business days. We provide you an order tracking number after the order is sent.

Can I get a discount? 

There are always some products on sale in our catalog, which are sold for the best possible price. For products without discounts - please contact us personally, so we could review your order and provide a discount depending on order size. Usually, discount size varies between 5-20%.

Can I adjust the height of the lamp?

If you bought a pendant lamp, it is usually held by metal strips. Strip's length can be adjusted when mounting the lamp. If you bought a "static" lamp, unfortunately, height cannot be adjusted. Please read the product description carefully and choose the right measurements.

Height can be adjusted:

Static (height cannot be adjusted):

Is LED lamps' light source replaceable?

LED lamps' light source is not replaceable. A light source is several LEDs, which emit light. We sell high-quality lamps with LEDs, which lifespan is up to 100.000 hours. It means up to 11 years without turning the light off and at least 20 years on normal conditions. LED lamps have usually a longer warranty period, 3-5 years (depending on the manufacturer).